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What is Reddit? and What is Reddit Karma?


Most of you who are familiar with Reddit will know how does Reddit works. But, for those who are new to Reddit may find it a little confusing. In this Reddit Guide, we will talk basics of What is Reddit? and How you can use it? Further, we will also discuss, how to create a post on Reddit, what is upvote and downvote in Reddit, what is Reddit Karma? and How to get Reddit Karma?

Here are the topics covered in this guide.

  • What is Reddit?
  • How Reddit works?
  • What can you do on Reddit?
  • How to post on Reddit?
  • Upvote and downvote on Reddit.
  • What is Reddit Karma?
  • Why you need Reddit Karma?
  • How to get Reddit karma?
  • Tips to build Reddit Karma.

This guild is built for your better understanding of Reddit. Also further, we have shared few tips to increase your reddit karma.

Most people don’t know What is Reddit? and How to use it. Therefore, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about Reddit. So let’s start with this guide.

What is Reddit?

In simple words, Reddit is a social media for discussion on any topic. Reddit is a forum where the user can discuss any topic, from jobs to business, from classic music to rock music, from books to movies, etc. name it and you will find the answer on Reddit. People actively participate in the discussion. Raise a topic and you will get tonnes of comments with the answers or questions related to the topic. This is how Reddit works.


This explains, Why Reddit called itself the front page of the internet, and why there is nothing wrong with that. Reddit is the 5th most visited website in the U.S. and the 13th most visited website in the world, on the internet. According to Alexa rank, it is the top 50 websites. Although Alexa rank changes according to its popularity and usage but Reddit still maintained its position in top place. Reddit has a monthly 330 Million active users worldwide and more than 26 million active American users per month.

Reddit is one popular website in the world.

home page of the Reddit

If you just take a look at Reddit’s home page you will see the posts with lots of trending topics, with lots of votes on it. It might seem confusing to those who are not familiar with Reddit.

How Reddit works?

So you wonder why Reddit is the top website on the internet? It is because of the community where people share lots of stuff regarding various topics. The question may rose in your mind, “What kind of stuff?”. “The information”. Reddit has a very simple site structure. If you open you will see a simple page with tonnes of posts on it. If you are new to Reddit you might think that Reddit had shared the posts. But you are wrong, Reddit is an online community where people share the online trending topics, news and lots of other things. Users who share this content on Reddit are called as “Redditors”.

Things you can do on Reddit

Reddit is simple to use if you browse Reddit for some time and opened some of the posts you will understand how reddit works. To make Reddit simple we’ll explain to you everything this guide.

Reddit is divided into lots of communities (r/community) called subreddits. r/ before the name is subreddit. It is the term used to search a particular subreddit (Reddit community). To understand better have a look at this example. If a user wants to know about the WWE. The user can search for the community r/wwe in the Reddit search bar. Then the user can ask or post or even browse for the information related to the WWE in this community. The user will get all the information related to the WWE in this subreddit.

subreddit WWE

The user can post an image, text, video or a URL in these subreddits, as per their rules and regulations. The user can also share or participate by commenting on a post.

How to post on Reddit?

It is simple to post on Reddit. Either you can post a URL (link to a website or a photo/video) or a text post. On the right side, you can see two buttons

  • Submit a link.
 Create post on reddit - submit a link.
  • Submit a new text post.
Create post on reddit - Submit a new text post

You can fill in the information like – Title, photo or text (depending on which type of post you choose). Then you can choose one option between where to post, in your profile or a subreddit. You can select a subreddit just by typing the name of the subreddit and select a subreddit from the dropdown menu. All set, now you can hit the submit button. WOW! You just created your first post on Reddit.

Before posting anything on Reddit keep in mind that there are few rules you have to follow. Every subreddit has different rules and regulation which are moderated by the moderators, if you try to spam or post irrelevant content, then your post will be removed and your account will be shadowbanned in some cases. Read those rules before posting. These rules are mentioned on the right side of the page.

You might have noticed there are two arrows, first in the upward and another in the downward direction. As Facebook has “Like”, Reddit has “Upvote and Downvote”. If you like or you agree to the content, then you can give an upvote to a post or a comment. If you don’t like or disagree with the post or comment you can give a downvote.

Similarly, you can get the upvote or downvote for your post or comment.

Reddit upvote
Button for Upvote.
Reddit Downvote
Button for Downvote.

If the topic is interesting people will get engage and they will comment and give an upvote to your post. The number of upvotes and comments you get; your post will be listed at the top position on the first page of the subreddit.

Let’s talk about karma.

What is Reddit Karma?

Have a look at the user’s profile on Reddit, on the right side of the page, you will notice “post karma” and “comment karma” under the user name. So, what is Reddit karma?

Reddit Karma

There are two types of karma

  • Post-Karma.
  • Comment Karma.

For every upvote for a post, you get one post karma and for every upvote, on the comment, you get one comment karma. Similarly, if any user disagrees or dislikes your post or comment and gives you a downvote, your karma will be reduced by one.

Karma is the total number of upvotes you get for your posts and comments.

How to get Reddit karma?

Reddit karma is to be earned. You cannot buy them. Even if you are the premium member or you have Reddit coins you just cannot buy them. “You have to earn it.”

“Posting a load of posts in the number of subreddits and commenting on numerous posts will get me tonnes of post karma and comment karma.” If this is the thought that has hit your mind, then forget about it. These types of spamming posts and comments or irrelevant content are considered as “karma farming”, and the account may get shadowbanned.

Some subreddits have strict rules and regulations for these karma farming. They might ban that user permanently for that subreddit. Remember things to earn cannot be earned by spamming. Building karma is a lengthy process. You have to stay active to do so. Posting quality content in relevant subreddit will surely help you to build your karma eventually.

Tips to build karma.

To build your reputation on Reddit, you have to post tonnes of quality content. But, posting these loads of content doesn’t mean irrelevant content or posting spammy threats. If you post regarding hot topics or trending topics, people will show interest in your post.

Follow these tip

Discuss on trending topics.

Go to google trends, do some research and choose a topic. Now join a subreddit related to that topic and create a post. If the topic is trending and interesting, you will get upvotes and comments. Even you can post an image or a short video related to the topic, which could be more eye-catching. Reply to the comments on your post, in short, don’t just post, but, take active participation in the discussion.

Be the first person to comment.

Monitor posts related to trending topics. As soon as you find a post that is recently posted and has the potential to attract the attention of the people, post a comment. As the post gets in the discussion zone your comment will also get raised.

Joint subreddits related to your hobbies.

Post some interesting facts or a photo of collection, or anything which will seek the attention of the Redditors. This will surely help you to get some votes. Also, you can comment on the posts related to your hobbies.

Try to post relevant content to subreddits and keep active in it. You will see karma will increase eventually.

I hope you must have learned the basics of the Reddit in this guide. If I missed anything or you have any questions feel free to ask.

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