Bluehost vs GreenGeeks

Bluehost vs GreenGeeks Comparison 2021

It is well known everywhere that you need to have a good website to grow your business in today’s world where the internet shares a major part of our lives. Here we compare the two most popular hosting providers comparison Bluehost vs GreenGeeks.

And for a website to perform well it obviously needs powerful, highly responsive hosting. There are many options available for hosting today. But unlike cars, hosting providers have their unique USP and features that differentiate them from each other.

Now, Bluehost and Greengeeks are two key players in the field of hosting. We have an unbiased comparison of these two hosting providers in all the aspects right from technical specs to the features and pricing so that it is easier for you to choose the better one for you and absolutely based on your needs.



As their official website claims, Bluehost is WordPress recommended WordPress hosting since 2005. Bluehost offers three various WordPress hosting options like shared, managed, and WooCommerce hosting.

From the cheapest servers to the fully managed and dedicated hosting servers, Bluehost has it all in one place.

Like their name suggests, Greengeeks don’t just provide superfast hosting services but also contributes to reducing carbon footprinting caused by the data centers.

Mainly focussed on eco-friendly services, Greengeeks offers Solid State Drives (SSD drives) for all their hosting plans which offer 2x speed compared to HDD. Thus, such aspects make them the #1 green energy hosting provider.

In this Bluehost and Greengeeks Review, we will look into the detailed study of the factors affecting your website at the server-side. Let’s start with the comparison and find out who’s the best.


Bluehost has a good history of keeping its technical specifications up to date by continuously striving to make necessary hardware infrastructure changes. Bluehost uses various technologies like KVM and OpenStack to make sure about the fast speed of the website hosted.

On the other hand, Greengeeks uses their in-house developed technologies like PowerCacher to ensure blazing page speed and super-efficient page caching. Greengeeks also offers Free CDN by Cloudflare to enhance the performance of your website.

To practically experience Bluehost and Greengeek’s claims, we have made some tests by signing up for both the hosting providers and by installing WordPress sites with default WordPress themes on both of them. The data that we hosted contains text, theme files, plugins as well as images so that we fairly understand the results.


Post hosting, we tested the site speed and found out that Bluehost offers better speed compared to Greengeeks. Bluehost hosted site took a little less time compared to Greengeeks’s hosted site.

After the site speed test, it was now time to check the load impact on the site speed. And surprisingly, regardless of the increased number of visitors, Bluehost remained the same in the site speed performance and Greengeeks showed some spikes meaning impact on the site load speed. Greengeeks slowed down a little with an increased number of visitors.

When seeing uptime tests, Bluehost WordPress Hosting and Greengeeks WordPress Hosting perform almost the same. Their uptime is satisfying and very good enough to host a WordPress website on.

Both of their uptime was checked using various locations and it was found that there is more than 99.99% uptime of their servers as they have claimed. So, in case of uptime, you can rely upon both of them.


Bluehost WordPress Hosting offers a dedicated dashboard for the installation of wordpress which makes users install the application hassle free and with just a few clicks. Also the options that are basically needed for installation are well organised and hence can be used effectively for the installation.

Ultimately, a user who is new to the entire environment can also make right use of the Bluehost WordPress Hosting wordpress installation to install the website, theme, plugins to go ahead.

On the other hand, Greengeeks does not provide a user-friendly interface for the application installation on their hosting but offers detailed documentation which saves the day. But when counted in terms of time, obviously Greengeek’s process takes time compared to the Bluehost WordPress Hosting.

Bluehost vs GreenGeeks Features 

While talking about the technical terms it is also necessary that we evaluate both the hosting services based on the features that they offer so that it is easier for a user to decide about their needs and go ahead choose the perfect one for them.

Irrespective of various common features like Free SSL, Solid State Drive, 1 Click WordPress Installation, when we compare both Bluehost vs Greengeeks we found that both of them have their own set of features over others, but Greengeeks definitely has attractive features and wins.

Hosting Bluehost offers WordPress hosting in three various categories like Shared WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, and Woocommerce Hosting (specially designed for eCommerce WordPress sites) making user comfortable and confident to choose exactly what their site needs, whereas Greengeeks doesn’t offer any other hosting option than shared WordPress hosting.

Contribution –  Bluehost with a portfolio of more than 2 million hosted domains has great popularity among the people.

Discounts and Offers – Bluehost has various discount options, coupons in their introductory offers compared to Greengeeks.

Just like some of these features, GreenGeeks has their own features to pull users.

Unlimited Hosting – Unlike Bluehost, where you can host just a single website in a starter plan, Greengeeks offers hosting of unlimited domains right from their started plan.

Free Transfer Facility – If shifting from another hosting provider, you can request Greengeeks for a free website transfer to the new hosting. This feature is not offered by Bluehost.

Free Site Builder – Greengeeks with its every purchase of hosting offers a free site builder which makes it convenient for users to design and develop the site without ever needing to hire a professional.

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure – If you are an environmental enthusiast, which everyone needs to be today, Greengeeks WordPress Hosting is a perfect place for you as they consistently work on reducing the carbon footprinting caused by data centers. This can be a good start towards the change that the world needs today.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee – If you are not satisfied with the service provided or you don’t find it up to your requirements, you can request full money back within 3o days from the date of purchase.

Pricing – Bluehost vs GreenGeeks

The very important thing that comes after technical specifications, features is pricing. We all look forward to getting good features and services at affordable pricing. Though there is not much difference in both the hosting providers, Bluehost, in spite of giving lesser price, has various options to choose from and hence opens wide chances of becoming specific about the requirement.

Greengeeks is a little costlier than Bluehost but offers some attractive features as we have seen in the point explained above.

Absolutely the price is the key role player in deciding the hosting provider or any other service, we suggest you to concentrate on your needs and requirements and then go ahead with choosing the hosting to buy.


Bluehost offers 3 hosting plans and features differ based on the prices. These plans are named Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus (Recommended by Bluehost)

Basic – In the basic plan which costs around Rs. 175.00 per month if bought annually, Bluehost offers only 1 website hosting with 50 GB of SSD storage. You can also avail yourself free domain for 1 year and a free staging environment for websites with a free SSL certificate as well.

Plus – In the plus plan, Bluehost offers unlimited websites to host with an unlimited SSD storage facility backed up by a free SSL certificate, free staging environment, and a domain, free for one year at the price of Rs. 279 per month if bought annually.

Choice Plus – In the choice plus, which is the official recommendation of Bluehost, You will have Domain Privacy as an extra added feature to all the features that you get in the Plus package. The cost of Choice Plus is also Rs.279 per month if bought annually.


Greengeeks also has 3 plans for the basic hosting named Lite, Pro, and Premium, out of which, PRO is recommended by Greengeeks.

Lite – In this plan, Greengeeks offers 1website hosted with 50 GB of SSD space with unmetered data transfer, backed up by 30 days money-back guarantee. It also offers LSCache for better website performance. The price is $ 2.49 per month if purchased annually. The performance of this posting is regular and includes a free SSL certificate.

Pro – Pro of Greengeeks offers an unlimited number of websites to be hosted on the unlimited SSD space available with LSCache features provided for better performance. The price of this plan is & 4.95 per month when purchased annually. This package has a faster performance assurance with a standard SSL certificate and a domain name free for one year.

Premium – This is a premium package that costs $8.95 per month comes with unlimited websites to host on unlimited SSD space and a dedicated IP with a premium SSL certificate. With one domain name free for one year, It also offers free nightly backup and 30 days money-back guarantee.


Today the entire industry is running on various support options like Live chat, Phone, WhatsApp, and a traditional Ticket system.

After-sales service plays a very important role in your customer relationship and hence most companies tend to offer the least harassing and convenient way of communication to the customer.

Just like this, Greengeeks offers support facilities through Live Chat, Phone, and Ticket system as well which makes users very convenient in raising an issue, buying new things. Hassle-free service is a key to success and Greengeeks understands it well. Greengeeks also has detailed documentation on the use, installation, and other important things related to hosting which is definitely useful for a new buyer.

On the other hand, Bluehost has shifted itself to a live chat and phone support system. The ticket system is very good in terms of problem-solving and keeping track of the problems and hence professionals with major issues may find it very difficult and time taking via phone and live chat.

Also, it is not convenient for users to explain problems through phone and live chat hence Bluehost WordPress Hosting’s support is a little hectic when compared to Greengeeks.


Data is the most important thing on the planet now. Everyone is going online to store and collect data and thus it becomes very important to secure the hosting environment at a high level.

Shared hosting plans are less secured compared to premium plans. But, Bluehost WordPress Hosting and Greengeeks WordPress Hosting both offer free SSL certificates with their basic hosting plans.

SSL offers end-to-end encryption between a website and browser accessed by the user. SSL certificates are currently mandatory as search engines penalize websites that don’t have SSL installed.

Beyond the SSL certificate, both the hosting providers offer basic malware monitoring and regular backup facility to ensure the safety of your website. So, basically, when thinking in terms of security, Bluehost WordPress Hosting, and Greengeeks WordPress Hosting, both are equivalent to each other and absolutely safe.


It is important that when your website becomes popular and there is an increasing number of visitors every day or every month, you definitely have to scale your technical specifications.

Now, as we have seen earlier, Bluehost has mainly three housing plans available while Greengeeks has only one. When a user is not sure about his needs, he should be given options from basic to advanced so that it becomes easy for him to understand and implement things.

At the large level, both the Bluehost WordPress hosting and Greengeeks WordPress Hosting offer VPS (Virtual Private Server) but Bluehost is the only hosting provider among two to provide dedicated WordPress hosting when needed.

Thus, to understand and to upgrade, Bluehost is the better option.

Bluehost vs GreenGeeks Other Technical Features And Spaces

Availability of Data Centers

Currently,  as far as we know, Bluehost has only one data center. Irrespective of this, Bluehost manages to provide higher performance to your sites using technologies like CDN, whereas Greengeeks offers 4 options of their data centers to choose from available at Chicago, Phoenix, Canada, and Amsterdam NL and hence obviously performs sound and better.


Greenegeeks is not into offering too many add ons except basics like domain locking and Total DNS control. These two addons are free of cost and are offered along with domain privacy.

On the other hand, Bluehost has a list of addons necessary for the perfect hosting. Some of the addons are offered for free as a bundle in high-tier plans offered by Bluehost WordPress hosting.

So in these terms, Bluehost can be a good option for users who tend to use addons for additional services and features.

SEO Tools

When it comes to important topics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is now very important when you are doing a business, Bluehost WordPress hosting no alternative because they are offering free SEO tools whereas, Greengeeks doesn’t.

For Greengeeks hosting services, you will need to buy these tools for additional fees. So by the term of extra and useful features, Bluehost is recommended.

Now, when it comes to us, we are purely unbiased in comparing both hosting providers. Our technical team checks every little thing that might affect the result of the hosting service and hence, we do not entirely put someone up above the other.

Both of the hosting providers have their own set of features, technical specifications, uptime guarantee, support system, and many more things but when we look at the points provided below, you can easily understand the difference between the two and choose a perfect one suiting your needs. –


Bluehost vs GreenGeeks Both the hosting providers are fairly equal in performance with very little and negligible difference but when it comes to loading impact, Bluehost did better than Greengeeks.

Page Speed and Uptime – Both the companies offer the same page speed results and satisfactory uptime, but Greengeeks guarantees its uptime while Bluehost doesn’t.

Ease of Use and Control Panel – Bluehost has a good hold on the UI for the easy installation of applications and offers a dedicated dashboard whereas Greengeeks doesn’t have one. But good and detailed documentation saves the day for Greengeeks.


Here, in these terms, Greengeeks is quieter than Bluehost because the features offered by Greengeeks are way important and useful compared to the ones that are offered by Bluehost.


Pricing plays a crucial role in decision-making for users as everything revolves around it. Bluehost has a variety of hosting plans whereas Greengeeks doesn’t, but irrespective of this, Bluehost is a little cheaper than Greengeeks.


Good support is a key to good business and like we have said, Greengeeks understands it better. We recommend Greengeeks here because they have all the modes of communication available whereas Bluehost has retired a very important mode of Ticket System which may affect support facilities for the major issues.


Both the hosting providers are offering Free SSL installation and basic features like malware monitoring and daily backups.


When it comes to scalability, it is not the very much important aspect when you are a starter, but yes, when you grow bigger, it matters and Bluehost has its hold on it with a variety of hosting options available right from the initial level.


The most important aspect of the planet. When you are doing a business but don’t forget that you have the responsibility of your earth’s future and safety, Greengeeks has no option as they are the best green hosting providers.


Pros of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

1.       Bluehost WordPress Hosting is comparatively cheaper than greengeeks.

2.       Bluehost WordPress Hosting, in test, offers solid uptime for the servers but doesn’t offer SLA for the same

3.       The storage offered for shared hosting is also good and satisfactory comparatively.

4.       Bluehost doesn’t limit the traffic that is approaching your website, it does not limit the number of visitors.

Cons of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

1.       Bluehost WordPress hosting will keep informing and suggesting upsell offers that may feel annoying.

2.       The speed delivered based on the prices could be even better.

3.       They have only one data center located in the US.

4.       The basic hosting packages won’t offer daily backup options for your website.

Pros of Greengeeks WordPress Hosting

1.       Greengeeks offers a free domain name for lifetime with the hosting plan.

2.       Greengeeks has 4 various data centers located in Chicago, Phoenix, Canada, and Amsterdam NL.

3.       The uptime by Greengeeks hits exactly what they offer and also assures it with SLA.

4.       They offer real time security scanning for the websites and data.

5.       They have good backup options for websites and data.

6.       Greengeeks offers 300% more green, environment friendly hosting.

7.       Greengeeks offers SSD (Solid State Drive) for all the hosting options they are offering.

Cons of Greengeeks WordPress Hosting

1.       Greengeeks doesn’t offer a website staging facility.

2.       Many of the times, for the issues to be solved, tickets have to be raised even after having chat options.

Bluehost vs GreenGeeks FAQ’s

 Which one of the two is cheaper in terms of money? 

If compared for the same hosting services, absolutely Bluehost is the winner. Even Greengeeks doesn’t cost very much more but offers a few added features too.

When it is about speed and performance, which is better?

When compared on the same web content of the same size, we found that Bluehost and Greengeeks offer almost the same speed and optimization but when compared to higher traffic, Bluehost performs a little better than Greengeeks.

Who will provide better UpTime?

Uptime is one of the key players in terms of website performance. Both the hosting providers, Bluehost, and Greengeeks offer 99.99% of uptime but unfortunately, Bluehost does not guarantee it whereas, on the other hand, Greengeeks assures it.

Which one is user friendly, Bluehost or Greengeeks? 

Greengeeks offers detailed documentation of the complete application installation but not a dedicated dashboard, and Bluehost offers a simplified dashboard to install and manage all your WordPress applications in one place. So, we found Bluehost more user-friendly.

 Where can I get good support after sales?

Greengeeks, having almost all the ways of contacting technical and sales teams available, performs better in terms of support when compared to Bluehost.


By seeing all the points and comparisons from our technical team’s testings, we find that Bluehost is better compared to Greengeeks in terms of price and performance and hence we recommend Bluehost over Greengeeks.

Greengeeks is a very impressive and fantastic hosting service provider, but when considering overall ratings and also the pricing (the most important part) we can’t ignore that Bluehost WordPress Hosting has no alternative as of now.

Bluehost is very much perfect for beginners as it offers good UI during installation and access processes whereas Greengeeks is better when you think about features, support as well as the environment in addition.

Final Thoughts,

So, when we learn these points, it is very easy to understand that both of them are best in their respective fields. With little differences here and there, they are almost the same and perfect. So at the end of the day, it is necessary for you to understand and evaluate your needs and requirements and then purchasing the right hosting.

Choosing the right hosting plays a crucial role in the entire “going online” business. If you develop a good website and it is not supported by a good technical server environment, it literally is of no use. Good hosting with perfect and balanced technical specifications for your WordPress site can gain you a good business as well as an identity.

And to do the same, you need to evaluate all your needs in technical and financial terms. Good hosting with good traffic load handling, near about 100% uptime, attractive features, and addons with excellent support backed up by affordable pricing can help you win the deal.

So, choose what you are looking for, go through the technical details again, cross-check and select your hosting service so that you don’t regret it later. I hope you like this Bluehost vs GreenGeeks comparison. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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