Cure To Procrastination

There are many people who are trying to work done in time. But many are not make it. If you are facing the same problem then you are procrastinating.

Procrastination is to delay or to postpone off doing something. Here are the means by which you can drive yourself to concentrate on your objective and leave procrastination behind.

Avoid Your Mobile Phones, iPad, even a PC. :

Try not to say a mobile phone, and the PC is helpful while you work/study. You need to realize that they are incredible, however, you can’t control yourself spending time on FB, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Online life is heroin, they harm you. Ward off them while working/studying. You can improve without them. Power of Habit: Habits, forces you to do particular things. You can use this to leave procrastination. Keeping your mobile phone, iPad aside while you work or study is hard isn’t it. Practice this for a week and it will be your habit.

Perfect Time

Waiting for the perfect time to start… we all do such foolishness, don’t we? But, how do we know know that our perfect time has come? Actually, no one knows. We all give the reason as we are not ready/prepared to start as we think too much. Stop thinking, Start doing form this very movement. You won’t understand things until you do it. 

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

Norman Vincent Peale

Eat healthy & exercise:

The energy never comes from an empty stomach. To overcome procrastination, you need positive energy. Energy comes from healthy food and Positivity comes from exercise. These two are important factors for the generation of positive energy. 

Habits to Avoid Procrastination

Setting the table

Setting up the table means you should have clarity of the goals in your mind. Unless you clear it, you cannot have a clear vision of what you have to do. Therefore clearing your goal is the first point to keep in mind. There are 7 steps to do it. Read it carefully and follow –
1. Decide exactly what you want – Clear your goal this is the first step unless, you have clarity in your mind, you cannot work on anything, this is the main reason where procrastinating occurs.
2. Think on paper – Every time when thoughts come in your mind you have to write it down on a paper. If you can not write down then there are chances that you will forget about it and you can not understand what and where to start working.
3. Make a deadline – Making deadlines is the important thing. Without deadlines, it will take too much time to complete, and deadlines push you to work on the task. According to a study carried out on a group of people, the group who has deadlines performed better in there task than the group who was working without deadlines.
4. Make a list – Make a list according to your work. When you write down your plan on paper, write down it in list format. The list will clarify that which tasks exactly we have to work on.
5. Organize the list and make plans – Organising the list according to the time you have is a great way to utilize your time. In 2nd point, we will clear this in detail.
6. Take action on your plan – This is the most important thing in your steps. Unless you take action you can not achieve anything. If you are not taking action that means you are procrastination and we are seeking the ways to overcome it. Remember to take action is the first priority that works here.
7. Resolve yourself to do things every day –  Working every day on your plan is a nice thing. It will reduce your big works in small parts. 

Plan every day in advance –

You have to do your planning every day. Means make tomorrow’s plan today. It will clarify what thing you have to work on and it will help you concentrate on work. Unless you clear your mind with the work you are working on, it will lead to procrastination. Writedown 6P’s in your diary and read it every day.  Proper Prior Planning Prevent Poor Performance make 4 lists – You have to make your list. This list is divided into 4 parts.
  1. Master list – In the master list you have to write down your lifetime work and goals you have to achieve. These should be your biggest dreams like own a company, starting your business, complete a world tour. This is a lifetime goal that you want to achieve for life.
  2. Monthly list – In the monthly list we writedown the works on a monthly basis. This list also depends on your master list, the monthly list helps your master list to complete the tasks.
  3. Weekly list – Weekly list helps to complete your monthly goals, divide your monthly works in weeks and work on it.
  4. Day list – List down your everyday work and pan for every day according to the weekly list. It will help your weekly list to complete.

ABCDE technique –

ABCDE technique is a priority-based working system where we can differentiate our works in a priority manner. We use an alphabetical numbering system where we divide the work. The thing is explained as follows –

  • A – Very important with huge consequences    
  • B – Important work with moderate consequences 
  • C – Good to do but no consequences 
  • D – Work that can be delayed to others 
  • E – Work that can be eliminated with no effect

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