Expensive Useless Things Billionaires Spend Their Money On

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$30 Million Da Vinci’s Scientific Journals

Da Vinci

When you’re as rich as Bill Gates you can pretty much afford to buy anything you want, so it’s pretty interesting to see what he spends his money on turns out, it includes a volume of Da Vinci’s original scientific notes which set him back a cool $30 Million, as they’re obviously super historically important but they’re also pretty useless as they are kind of indecipherable and also can’t be handled much due to their age, still it’s a better purchase than any of the other examples below.


$1.38 Million Gold Toilet Paper

Gold Toilet Paper

Some Millionaires started buying toilet paper made from real gold, it’s totally functional 22 karat and two-ply but it’s also literally no better than regular toilet paper it exists just to impress guests when they walk into the bathroom and then a part of that $1.3 Million Dollar spent is literally flushed away making it a super useless purchase.


$2.5 Million Golden Toilet

Golden Toilet

The toilet itself was a complete waste of cash, this toilet is fully functional and made of 18 carat solid gold and there’s no guessing how much its worth. This is actually a art piece so its not meant to be used but it is meant to show how ridiculous spending money on pointless things is. The Ultimate joke is that the piece is actually called AMERICA.


$3.2 Million Dog Collar


Dog Collar 1

Everyone loves their dog, there’s a reason they’re called man’s best friend after all. However, no matter how much money I had to spend, I’m not sure I’d ever be willing to drop 3.2 million dollars on a dog collar. The “AMOUR” is 52 Carats and encrusted with 1600 individual diamonds. All that money on something the dog will either get dirty, take off at the first opportunity or flat-out refuse to wear in the first place.

Dog Collar


$14,000 Diamond Tea Bag

Tea Bag

Tea bags can only be used once so spending any more money on them than necessary is a pretty pointless idea. Someone out in the world owns a $14,000 Tea Bag made by Tea company “PG Tipps” for their 75th anniversary. The bag is encrusted with 280 diamonds and is fully functional but it’s actually totally useless because using it means the whole investment literally goes down the drain.

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