If you are planning to upgrade your PC or changing some components like RAM then you have to first know what motherboard you have. Finding out your motherboard

How To Find What Motherboard I Have – Easy Steps

If you are planning to upgrade your PC or changing some components like RAM then you have to first know what motherboard you have. Finding out your motherboard is not a hard task and this helps you understand your configuration and how much you can upgrade with this configuration.

There are few steps you have to follow to find What motherboard I have?

Find your motherboard with help of command prompt

Checking your motherboard serial is one of the easy ways. You can check it in windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and vista. To open your CMD type in your search bar or just press Windows Key + R and type CMD.

Open Command Prompt in windows

You need to run CMD as an administrator. After the command prompt is open you have to input the command to see motherboard seral. Copy-paste or type the below commands in CMD.

wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,version,serialnumber

Use Windows System Information To Check Which Motherboard You Have

With using command prompt you can not get all motherboard information with some motherboard manufactures like dell, ASUS but it woks with Gigabyte and MSI. If you have these motherboards then you have to use windows system information to get motherboard info.

Open windows search feature by pressing the Windows Key + R and Type msinfo32 and press Enter.

This command will open windows system information.

You can check your motherboard information on this window. Motherboard info is represented in terms of BaseBoard manufacturer, BaseBoard Product, and BaseBoard Version.

Most of the time you will get all your information on this tab. But in any case, you will not able to get the information you can try other methods mentioned in this post.

Check Motherboard Using Software

There is software available which you can use to check your Hardware configuration. If you are familiar with this software then it will check all motherboard details for you. You have to install these on your computer and run them. It will show you all your system information.

This two software’s are CPU-Z and Belarc Advisor.

Physically Check Your Motherboard

It is one of the best ways to find what motherboard you are using. In some cases like when your computer or laptop is not in running condition. You have to visually inspect the motherboard.

Many boards have their info written on their surface and you will get this info without removing any component on the motherboard. Many boards have clearly written their model name on them. You can check that model name on the internet and check it’s compatibility with other components.

What Motherboard I Have

Every motherboard has their serial number written on then but it has different locations according to their manufactures.

You can also check the motherboard serial number on their box. If you have it then you will get all information about the board written on it.

These are the few steps to find what motherboard you have. You can find any motherboard info with this method. If you have any new way then let us know.

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