Google Search Console Insights beta

New Google Search Console Insights Beta is Here

Google has introduced the new search console insights Beta for website users who are using Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Let’s check out what Google is offering in this new best search console.

Today, I logged into my website’s search console and found that Google has introduced the new search console insights beta version to the users. Many will ask what happened to the old search console. The old search console is still there, and you can access that old search console and also access the new insights beta version.

So what’s new in this beta version of the search console. According to their first message, you can track your site’s most popular content. Many will think this feature is already provided by the search console. But here you will see more details about your content on the website.

So let’s see how to get started with the new Google Search Console insights beta.

First login to the Google Search Console and when you log in the first time you will see the Google announcement on the top page. They have a link to the search console beta.

Google Search Console Page

This page will redirect to another page where you can access the official beta search console insights page. Just click on open, then you will be redirected to the page where you will find the details.

Search Console insights Beata
Search Console insights Beata

Another thing is when you click the open button, then they will ask you to join the search console and website analytics so that they can provide you detailed information about your content. Just connect the search console and analytics, then you can see the search console insights beta.

What Things You Can Track Here

  • Site overview

Just like the search console, the first thing you will see here is the site’s overview. You will see the past 28 days of overview with total page views and average page view duration. You can hover your mouse cursor and see details of each day’s pageview count.

Site Overview in Seach Console Beta
  • New Content and most popular content

In the new content section, you can see the content which you can post on your website in the last 28 days. Also, you can see each post’s page views and average page view duration.

In the most popular section, you can see the most popular post in organic search with their page views and average duration time.

New and Most Popular Content
New and Most Popular Content
  • How do people find you

The one new thing google has placed here and one I like most here is top traffic channels. Here, Google will tell you where your website traffic is coming from. It is not too detailed, but this will help to keep track of progress.

Here they will tell you a percentage of people who are coming from sources like organic search, referral, and direct with a number of page views and duration they stay on site.

How People Find You in Search Console insights beta
  • Google search

Here you will get the details of how many search visitors you get from Google search with a page view count and average duration time and title number of clicks. This is very helpful if you are focusing on organic ranking for the website.

Organic Search results
  • Referring links from other websites.

This is where you will get the exact number of visitors who are coming from other websites. Whether someone mentions your website in their site or you are referred to by others.

Referring Links To Website
  • Social media

In this section, you will see how many visitors are coming from different social media platforms. It is helpful to improve your promotion strategy and focus on the site to get more visitors.

Social Media Insights

I hope you like this quick and short introduction to the new search console insights beta. Feel free to write your opinion about it and post your experience as well.

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