How To Become Rich And Successful – 5 Easy Steps

When I was in college I don’t have money to spend. I was totally broke, my all money that comes from my parents are spending on college expenses and in food, my pockets are empty all the time. If you want to be Rich And Successful in your life then you much follow steps I mentioned in this article.

When I finished my graduation got a job I was making $22,000 per year but I have only my job I’m working with anything, this time I was broke and poor again. Then I was tired of my condition and started thinking about it, and I realized that I have to change if I want to be successful and rich in my life. Then I created the action plan to be wealthy in life. I’m going to show you here.

How I get rid of being poor and successful in life

1. Accept you responsibility

If you born become poor it is not your fault, but if you die poor it is your fault. There are lots of things that are out of your control that affects your finance, but if you don’t have money in your bank account to face this financial problem it’s your fault.

If you accept your responsibility then you have to think about your money problem first. The poor people’s mentality is they blem others for their situation. Blaming the government, society system, and people this type of mentality poor people have. If you accept responsibility and stop blaming others then in the next 2-3 years you are no longer poor, you are broke.

2. Keep yourself out of debts

As we talked in the first point about responsibility, the other thing that will make you poor is debts. It will keep you poor entire life. It will destroy your entire hopes and dreams. Most of the bank loans and credit cards to poor people and keep offering again and again. Then charge a huge amount of interest in it, and making tones of money and you will stay poor for the entire life. It is time to deal with your debts and keep your self out of debts, you have to follow these small steps to become debt-free. 

3. creating a plan

If you don’t have proper planning ten your dreams will never become true. After you take responsibility its time to create a proper plan. I create whole years planning at the start of every year. But you don’t have to wait for next year, start now for the remaining year. Now grab the pen and paper and start writing, ow much you are making every year and where you want to see yourself in the next 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and so on…

Become rich and successful create a plan

Take your time to plan this thing because this will help you to achieve your goals. Set up realistic goals. IF you are making 25k per month then setup 300k in the next 3 years, you got the idea right!! It will only demotivate yourself and lose your track. When you finished your yearly plan then break that into the months.

Lets clear it with an example of my friend John

John is an average middle-class guy working in is the city doing 9-5 jobs and living with his girlfriend. He is making an average of $35k per year, but due to living in a big city, he is always broke. He doesn’t want to be poor. He decided that he follow 1 year of action plan and set up his target $35k to $50k per year.

He planed a few ways he will do this -
1. Start working online
2. Work a few more hours per week
3. Start selling things online

Then he writes down all things and then we break this work according to months.

Month 1 – Learn about online marketing. Get permission from the boss to do overtime. Find things to sell online.

This is how John decided to work in the first month.

Month 2 – Started working on online work. start working more hours. Start selling online.
If you notice John started slow and then increasing his monthly work as it is passing. Now he has a checklist of every month to follow.

Surprisingly John accomplished his goal by the end of October, and that year John made over $58k.If you like the way John did, tired of being poor. you have to change your situation, without work ethics you can achieve your dream this way.

4. Minimize expenses

If you want to save the money then there are two ways to that – 1. Increase the income (As we talked in previous points.) 2. Minimize expenses. Check your bank statement to know where your money is going. If you really want to become rich then forgot all the unnecessary expenses. This is the hardest in all steps.

Start cutting things like running for coffee, spending money on cable. Switch to home coffee, cut $90 cable, and switch to budget-friendly Netflix. by doing these things you will save lots of money. Just find chipper things to get work done.

5. Invest the money

Now you have some extra cash in your bank, debt-free life, income is increasing and expenses are going down, Now its time to invest your money I recommend grabbing a book from amazon like the intelligent investor there are lots of videos and podcasts are available on the internet on how to where to invest.

Lets hear what world’s top investor warren buffet says about investment.

You just have to search on tath to invest your money in the right place. most people think the stock market is only investment, that not true, yes there are many other ways to invest your money but you have to give time to learn about it. you can also invest in a business like the real estate business. real estate investing.

These are some tips to help you to become rich and successful in life. If you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and comment on your opinion what do you think about it? We love to hear from you.


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