What Happened To These Characters Meanwhile In Game Of Thrones

We know that Game of Thrones isn’t so much a dream appear as it is a joined interlinked artwork of plot sequences, characters, and topical circular parts, so you can barely fault HBO for dropping the needle occasionally. All things considered, presently that Game of Thrones season 8 is finished, we can’t resist the urge to feel as if a lot of optional characters were never given their due, having a unique approach for whole scenes and seasons before vanishing off the screen without notice to stay away for the indefinite future. With the last season, some had anticipated that these overlooked actors should return for one final episode, and that happened to a degree with the arrival of Edmure Tully and Robin Arryn, however many were still bafflingly missing, leaving us to always ponder the end result for them off screen now that the show’s over for good.

There are some following characters are that are not showed in Season 8:

Illyrio Mopatis:

For a character who set the war for the Iron Throne in movement by sorting out the marriage of Daenerys Targaryen to Khal Drogo, Illyrio is suspiciously missing from later periods of Thrones. His capacity to play the two sides of the war – exploring the governmental issues of the Seven Kingdoms without breaking a sweat – recommends he’s the sort of individual who’d endure the round of positions of royalty longer than most, however when Varys and Tyrion touch base at his country of Pentos in season 5, the man is absent, regardless of Varys talking about his name inside and out. Illyrio’s entertainer Roger Allam is something of an esteemed artist in his UK country, so maybe HBO wasn’t happy to spend any more cash for a common job into season 2 and past.

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 1

Last observed: Conspiring with Varys underneath the Red Keep in season 1, episode 5

Ser Ilyn Payne:

The man who executed Ned Stark got off pretty daintily for his violations in Game of Thrones, strangely blurring out of spotlight in the wake of holding a firm and enduring nearness as a minor villain through seasons 1 – 2, and just quickly referenced yet again in season 4 by Tywin, before failing to be known about or from once more. The Lannister’s faithful executioner was even on Arya Stark’s infamous hit list for a period, yet she curiously dropped his name from the running for reasons that still aren’t totally clear. Some trust Payne kicked the bucket amid the Battle of King’s Landing in season 8 alongside, well, every other person, however, I surmise we’ll never know without a doubt.

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 2

Last observed: Playing guardian/kindness executioner to Cersei amid the Battle of Blackwater in the penultimate scene of season 2


One of only a handful few named individuals from the Brotherhood Without Banners, Anguy is the (ahem) fellow who catches Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie in season 3, and even shows the most youthful Stark little girl how to utilize a bow and bolt. He’s entirely talented as a bowman himself however neglects to catch Arya when she rushes off towards the Red Wedding at House Frey, just to be caught again by The Hound just before the bloodbath happens. While we meet a few standard free individuals again in later seasons, Anguy is no place to be seen, inferring that he’s either passed on or left the Brotherhood in the interceding time. How advantageous.

First appearance: Season 3, Episode 2

Last seen: Searching for Arya (unsuccessfully) in season 3, episode 7

Daario Naharis:

Oh, save a minute for poor Daario Naharis. Not exclusively did the character get unexpectedly recast following his season 3 presentation, confounding everyone when new face Michiel Huisman was all of a sudden observed getting exceptionally near Daenerys in season 4, however, the poor Second Son sellsword was quickly sidelined ideal as the Khaleesi was going to satisfy her predetermination as the breaker of chains. After Dany severs it with Daario in season 6, we never observe or get notification from the soldier of fortune again, beside a short reference made by the Dragon Mother in season 7. He’s apparently as yet holding the harmony in Meereen, anticipating his darling’s arrival, horrendously unconscious of the way that a) she’s with another man, b) that man slaughtered her, and c) she submitted decimation upon a whole city. What is it they state about obliviousness and delight once more?

First appearance: Season 3, Episode 8

Last seen: Reluctantly parting ways with Daenerys in the season 6 finale

Jaqen H’ghar:

How about we begin by saying, indeed, it’s very likely that we have seen Jaqen H’ghar since his last repeated appearance in season 6, however, he was simply wearing an alternate face. Shapeshifting and deception is the Faceless Man’s claim to fame, all things considered, however, that still doesn’t mean we’re alright with Game of Thrones. Arya’s tutor/reticent opponent was a standout amongst the best characters of the show’s initial days, and you’d have thought he’d needed to have a state in the war with the Night King in any event. Hold up a second… maybe he was the Night King?! Presently I’m addressing everything.

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 10

Last seen: At the long end of a needle in season 6, episode 8

Meera Reed:

Maybe nobody has been so discourteously yanked with HBO’s Vaudeville trick than that of Meera Reed, who we presently know was just a plot gadget to convey Bran from Winterfell to the Great Weirwood Tree and back once more, before being sent off the screen when her utilization to the story dies down. Last we heard, Meera made a beeline for Greywater Watch to be with her family before the Night King arrived, raging out of Winterfell after Bran essentially reimbursed his obligation to her with a progression of underhanded abuse. But the Night King was defeated before he at any point made it that far south along these lines, probably the warrior youngling is still there, cheerfully experienced her life. I bet she’s as yet pissed at Bran, however.

First appearance: Season 3, Episode 2

Last observed: Being impolitely rejected by emotional Bran in season 7, scene 4.

Salladhor Saan:

A privateer ruler accountable for a ferocious armada of 30 or more ships, Salladhor Saan was a local of the Summer Islands, and part of Stannis Baratheon’s maritime armed force for contract amid the Battle of Blackwater. Saan fled Stannis’ side after that rout, yet we see Ser Davos charming the hired soldier back around to the reason in season 4 with the guarantee of more cash. He is by all accounts game… yet then we never observe Saan again, leaving us to expect he kicked the bucket close by the remainder of Stannis’ military at some point amid season 5.

First appearance: Season 2, Episode 2 in Game Of Thrones

Last seen: Lending his ships to Stannis Baratheon’s cause in Season 4, Episode 6



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