Pc configuration for programming and coding work

Which PC Configuration Is Sufficient To Learn Programming

There are many people who started their currier in the IT and computer field after the pandemic started. Do many people want to start their carrier in the IT field?

One main thing you need to start is one PC or laptop to work. but if you see all computer parts prices are reached to the sky and there are fewer chances it will fall down for another few months.

Everyone can not afford the high-end configuration at the initial stage. So in this post, I’ll show you which minimum configuration is sufficient for programming. You would say no way I do programming for full time. Yes, of course, many will do many other things on it also, but in his tutorial, we only cover the configuration which is available at cheap and sufficient for programming.

In another guide, we will discuss the multipurpose configuration which is available at a cheap price.

To learn programming languages you need to install the required files provided by developers. Sor some programming languages files are small and t will not need much computing power to run. But at another end, some languages contain big installation files and need some other supportive software to run them.

To run the big program without any lag you need a bare minimum configuration that can handle any task.

Pc laptop for coding

Don’t be panic if you are thinking after reading the above statement that you need to buy the latest-gen processors or latest-gen computers to complete your task. The coding doesn’t require too much graphics interphase or high core performance.

System requirement which is suitable for any coding work is as follows

  • Any two core processor (Core2due is ok but I suggest Intel I3 2nd or 3rd gen processors)
  • 4 GB Ram
  • Graphic requirement – Most of the time you don’t need any graphic performance but many old gen processors/motherboard comes with inbuilt graphics. In case you want a dedicated GPU then 1Gb is sufficient.
  • HDD- Programming languages take very little space so you don’t need huge space here. (I prefer 120GB SSD instead of HDD because you will get much faster performance)

This configuration is sufficient for any programmer to work. I have personally tested this configuration on many work station and this dose not disappointed me. This configuration is available online at a very cheap price. In case if you want to buy offline then check on your local computer shop or dealers. You will get this configuration cheaper than the online price.

In case you have a budget then try to purchase the much-advanced processor than core2due. i3 performs much better than core 2due and with just little more money you can purchase the i5 processor which has nearly double performance than i3.

Also, look for the processors which require no graphics card, that’s how you can save lots of money. Because graphics cards prices are very high.

I hope you like this article. If you have any other build in mind or any other questions then posts your comment below.

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